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You should know that debriefings come at completely unexpected times...many times following a holiday. Since our organization holds a debriefing within 24-72 hrs after an event, you should be willing to help with a fellow peer debriefing if you take the training. These debriefings require usually a three to five man team, depending on what first responders were at the event. The more flexible you are the chances of being used are greater. The more often you decline a request to help the less often you may be called until eventually you may be taken off the roster.

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What Can CISM do for You?


Debriefing - A debriefing, usually held 24-72 hrs after an event, is intended for the first responders after a horrific event for your and other participating organization members who were on scene to discuss the event and help them deal with the emotions they are feeling including sadness, grief, fear, wanting to quit, etc. Please note: dispatchers are presumed to be on scene.

Defusing - A meeting for first responders immediately following a horrific event and sometimes during a long lasting event to "unload" emotions and or frustrations of what has or is unfolding. (We usually are not, however, able to be at the scene. Events such as the Price, UT, mining accident where first responders were needed for stand-by for several hours turning into days.)

Training - Informative training events to help you deal with stressors, manage your life, and recognize warning signs and symptoms of mental exhaustion.